Monday, 25 January 2016

Employee facing probelms without mentor

In this business world, we have fortune 500, conglomerates and regime all these monitored and organised by expert employees and veterans to be in the race of business battle adapting to the existing technology, trends with an invention of new strategies. They rule the economic value of the world irrespective of policies and norms really an inspiration for generations.

mentor to help
These entrepreneurs and leaders arrived and thrived from baby footsteps with the guidance of their mentors would be parents,a guide who is really well expert as supporting  in all the aspects of culture, business environment ,personal behaviour ,professional behaviour ,decision-making

Though you would be having a strong educational background from top institutions like Wharton, Harvard, ISB, IIMs, and IITs whatever;you as a mentee (the person who get advised and trained by mentor) in the initial stage should be always guided by the mentor.

The Relationship between mentor and employee is very sensitive bond with lots of understanding and analysing which would comes after the family relations.We set them always as our role models to grow and motivate yourself

Values and responsibilities of the mentor

  • Adviser always involves in the process of reaching their destiny for staff
  • More importantly ethically values we will be taught to maintain the quality consequence of the organization.
  • should get into the shoes of the worker to know what his/her thought process exactly.
  • Going along with the way of mentee,not just showing directions
  • A mentor doesn't mean only the boss or team leader in the office,can be your friend ,parent, teacher,relative, and sponsor who support and guide in all the aspects to thrive your career in the right way.
  • Every word speak and active do it impacts on the future of the organization.
  • Manages and screen employee activities to improve not in the perspective of commanding or on the role of authority

Areas it affects the employee

This is all about my opinion and I experienced, though the candidate with high energy levels well enthusiastic in different ideology ,if not properly driven lack of proper mentor definitely like fish in the water with no desired destination and uncertain gaining of knowledge one sad day definitely caught by fisherman ending yourself out of the water and life.

Finally, you are not reaching goals in the given time, demotivated, work pressure frustration feel like leaving the job at the end it impacts your career.

Yes, we gain knowledge with experience and hurdles even without mentor but not quality knowledge. Our insights and proper implementation in the real-time and at the right time always proportional to creating the business, innovative technology all this can happen with the guidance of the mentor.

In the workplace we have different factors, parameters finally our work output speaks to an organization in terms of thriving, revenue generation.

Any organization in this world could be any niche like software development, service, and manufacturing, banking, NGO, gambling and poaching all  work for only money in profit revenue generation.

Now this is era of startups ecosystem and great ideas disruptive innovations yielding abundant money and brand value is great achievement in the flip side lots of startups evaporated though they were strong with ideas all because of lack of right implementation and guidance of mentor, leads to disaster consequence on employer, employee, as well as investor. Business with profits, brand value, market growth one of the reasons they hired great mentor.

Make you all safe

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