Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Does physical fitness improve your personal and work life

We always admire looking at our favourite actors physic on silver screen “shirtless hero coming on chariot 1990’s movies ,2000’s on sports bike” generation changes but perception remains constant and we pretend to be like them,hahaha am I right ?? please don't say “NO” i knew that you what are thinking now.

seokadali - Fitness at our work life

Fine, let us get  into the reality .We cannot predict what would happen to us in future,but at present at least we can regulate and maintain our health and body fitness.What I personally feel is fitness doesn't mean that only having six pack and huge muscle body,It's all about how healthy enough you are and not getting sick often.

We are at fast moving busy life,no time at least what is happening at our surroundings to bother ,right ? Yes, might be I am a little  bit harsh but that's the fact.It is very major to find out what is happening to us,at what health scale we are at ,are we taking proper and healthy  diet, at least providing some fitness to our body,what is our stress levels.

Basic regular tips to balance our work life :

I had spoken to a lot of my friends and colleagues at my workplace. I got very  Interesting  and surprising answers from them .Each Individual shared their own reasons why they don't do regular fitness,to some of them I felt 'ok'  and few just witless reasons,but the most common answer is no 'TIME' because of busy work-life schedules . Yes, we should agree.

Can we manage 'Time' , 'Work-life' , and  'Body Fitness' all at a time? though it is very big deal ,I say 'yes' to it.What I analyzed from most of the answers is they give importance to all except to make ourselves healthy.

Some of them work for 9 hours ,11 hours it depends on .At least can't we consider 45 Mins for our body from 24 hours?

Again I am saying having huge muscular body is not mandatory .Please justify your body to clothes that you wear are fit enough.Some of them would be lean ,heavyweight ,that would be because of hereditary problems ,though stop blaming completely your parents and ancestors ,Just question yourself at what level you are keeping the efforts to maintain your body.

1 ) Schedule your timings to do regular body fitness at least for 45 mins .That would be simple walking or jogging when we can not afford for gym

2) Please make sure what you are eating regularly ,I suggest stop eating fat producing food body.Do not eat heavy in the nights.

3) Try to have at least 3 liters of water in a day at your workplace you can manage this ,but not after 6 PM , the glass of lemon juice before going to the office,all these are fat burners and low cost.

4) Sleep at least  7 hours per day ,that makes you active in the morning and glow at face.

5) The Internet is the place where you can know everything about how to keep healthy and fit.Please start reading authorized articles and blogs.

Just this simple tips make your work-life easy at least ,out from stress,you don't feel insecure. Please mention in the comments if you have any others tips to suggest.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Time management skills required for students and employee

Of Course everybody have 24 hours per day  this is universal fact,is it possible to manage or stop time ? seriously !! time can not be controlled ,only can we manage our daily activities.

One unmanaged activity leads to lots  of disturbance,do you believe that ;”health ,wealth,career,peace of mind,relationship” they were all interlinked activities.Not one activity streamlined or applied at the right time just can not imagine the consequence.

Getting the right bus at the right time is very important please do not blame time if you can not reach your desired density this is how you managed your activity .Either student,employee, an entrepreneur and mom at the home have daily activities to complete at the right time,the student takes pressure only before the day of an exam,an employee feels pressure before the day of the final report to submit to the boss.Why ?

Managing  24 hours or daily activities

All we want the better quality life not quality time because time is constant we are no one to change the face of time.At the end of the day, we judge our self in productivity in scale how much quality of work we did with leveraging our allotted time .

Everyone had,having,have to do daily activities (sorry I do not want to call it “Time Management “) because I am not writing this article by reference or just for information base;No this is all about what i experienced ,I don't know  why i am basically  kind of very lazy I ruined myself because of not able to manage my daily activities

Real Examples of ruined me because lack of time management :

  • My first worst unmanageable activity was late night sleep; “you might think everyone does same” ,but in my case really worst can not get early in the morning ,as...result, I miss the college bus and  classes ,don't even know what are subjects in my semester , so at the time of exams don't really what  to write , “FAILED”, extra pressure on my shoulders for which i did mistake unconsciously

  • Once you not aware of classes what is happening ,fall behind so automatically not gaining the knowledge on the subject,can not answer to the question facility ask you ,psychologically you feel yourself  “am I dumb” .I didn't get much importance from faculty members and from my friends,insecure which keep dominating every single time,losing confidence on myself  it's keep developing wherever I move , can not raise my voice ,automatically I generate zero confidence

  • Time to do the job,why because with this mindset I don't have enough maturity to be an entrepreneur so definitely out of the box for me so, I am not discussing here.JOB is  playing the game to the next level ;unmanageable with daily activities is like inheritance for me still carrying the legacy.

  • First job as a fresher hardly I went to office in time, on the flip side I  had GF so late night calls ( I do not want to blame her) definitely that made me feel drowsy at work  time with least  concentration this shows how i am worst at doing my daily  activities ,for anyone the first job is exciting with some fear inside.I always analyze myself do I not interested in doing a job or my negligence ,not even 45 days i worked at my first job frankly speaking I absconded.

  • Job number 2 i got fired because of negligence,only because this happened  due to my uncompleted activities.Job 3 again i got fired.

  • The funny part is I can learn the skills very fast but my inactiveness in daily activities is the big obstacle .It has taken lots of efforts ,time,my self-controlling to come out this problem trust me I have seen all the colors in the rainbow  to sharp myself.

How to overcome this problem

  • Everyone intention is to produce the quality output at given time ,please do not kill your time ,for students please consider your daily activities every single day(studies) definitely important , you don't  feel pressure at the time of exams.

  • For an employee the first step be active at learning the things on a daily basis to update yourself ,one thing I suggest if you don't like your job please do not do it because one bad day you will abscond or get fired because of your employee consistency the job.

  • Keep tracking  yourself what you are doing how much you are involving in quality work in time ,for your sake please please leave laziness,schedule every day what are the activities should perform though you feel bit weird note down everything on stick pad.

  • Strictly follow the activities ,for every two hours keep looking at your stick pad which remains you.Trust me after one year you can see the change in your life,wealth ,health, studies automatically evaluate.

  • Do not neglect your daily activities which result in very very bad impact,have enough sleep at night is vital so your day starts very freshly ,keep tracking your yourself at the end of the day,drink lots of water to its refresh your brain.

  • Especially for students,I suggest please do not watch much porn,it interrupts your concentration.

  • Always aim big ,don't underestimate yourself ,do not compare yourself with others which demotivate you always try to gain skills from seniors .Trust me if you can do your daily activities in time you are a topper in the game level.

  • Of Course, i knew saying is easy ,to implement it requires your concentration ,dedication.I am not saying to leave the fun which is very very important but balance that.

Conclusion : Time management for students and employee

Just see because of my in-activeness in time management ( daily activities ) it leads to the very bad consequence .You take any top player in any profession ask them;” they say how punctual at their daily activities it's just a simple logic to grow yourself as a topper. Why you did the mistake is not important ,how fast you  realized and analyzed the mistake is important .

Every living being on this planet face this issues so please share your experience and tips how to  maintain daily activities.


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Saturday, 16 April 2016

How it affects when no consistency in job

At the time of college or making studies all, we desire to have a good job with the high salary paid irrespective to how we perform in studies and knowledge we have in depth regarding a subject .In the flip side we don’t ever bother  about the future nor willing to predict  hurdles what we yet to face, perhaps in the assumption of getting a job in MNC and consume showy corporate life where boys bother for girls, no comments about girls, I hope this would be the fact for 80%.Because this is what I felt before my job life, let me put this article in layman language rather not statics and unit measured analysis.

employee inconsistency
Fine, somehow with the hard work, bit of luck adding with intelligence successfully completed the exams. After few days of gap what we called as a pet name EXAMS REST then starts  for the job hunting with high expectations, most of them end up getting job in small & medium size firms  and some of them in MNC(Multinational company)  yet still many of them back of training institutes with lots of hope.

Reason why mindset changes frequently

Not all the sectors, firms, domains have similar kind of working environment depends on the circumstances of their internal and external factors, as a fresher not many of them could adapt to all sort of working environment would be because of cross culture, internal politics, uncertain indirect pressure on your thoughts from superiors, management, uncomfortable with ambiance, unexpected low salary, unsatisfied with the work, in this process we seek unconsciously negative suggestions from others. Every individual have own perspective also would be a very sensitive because of some pain points, psychologically it is the very thin layer.
Because the employee expectations are very high on the first job, this is the first problem we face, many of job profile irrelevant to their graduation pursued, would be the sake of good salary and also may inadequate worthy in the field of what they graduated .Once the employee adapted to this kind of mindset never ever get satisfied to any kind of job, keep stumbles to different jobs end up with incomplete knowledge, unworthy experience lots of dilemmas.

How inconsistency impact badly

In this process every single time we shift from one to another new job domain with inconsistency in the head, definitely insist you to start learning from the scratch about new job description with consuming apex time, would impacts your career very badly also chances salary would come down because you are considered as fresher in that particular domain where previous experience is not countable in terms of relative experience.

Better prepare your mind what you need exactly; salary comes high automatically with good relevant experience and knowledge gained, if you are coder stick to that if in marketing stay in that whatever the sector it would be. One thing for sure first-time job experience would be very odd, unexpected scenarios for one year if can overcome the hurdles, be adaptable, gaining the knowledge as much as you can, simple you are then just a star. I highly recommend in the serious note don’t ever take worthless suggestions from others and get demotivated. At the end skill and worthy experience extremely very valuable to get hired by an employer as well for an appraisal.

I wrote this article not just assuming or analyzing someone, just all from my experience an the mistakes what I did, because I am an engineer from auto motives probably worked for one year in the corresponding sector, then into MBA marketing specialization parallel worked part time in events managements and where full time into financial products marketing and sales, IT marketing and sales finally digital marketing. It took very long time to realize for me where I am loosing.
It doesn't have the technical theory to get the solution with some tools every moment we will come across through the experience ,if you felt this article relevant and close to you please share your personal experience in the comment box and share so we can help newbies.


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Monday, 25 January 2016

Employee facing probelms without mentor

In this business world, we have fortune 500, conglomerates and regime all these monitored and organised by expert employees and veterans to be in the race of business battle adapting to the existing technology, trends with an invention of new strategies. They rule the economic value of the world irrespective of policies and norms really an inspiration for generations.

mentor to help
These entrepreneurs and leaders arrived and thrived from baby footsteps with the guidance of their mentors would be parents,a guide who is really well expert as supporting  in all the aspects of culture, business environment ,personal behaviour ,professional behaviour ,decision-making

Though you would be having a strong educational background from top institutions like Wharton, Harvard, ISB, IIMs, and IITs whatever;you as a mentee (the person who get advised and trained by mentor) in the initial stage should be always guided by the mentor.

The Relationship between mentor and employee is very sensitive bond with lots of understanding and analysing which would comes after the family relations.We set them always as our role models to grow and motivate yourself

Values and responsibilities of the mentor

  • Adviser always involves in the process of reaching their destiny for staff
  • More importantly ethically values we will be taught to maintain the quality consequence of the organization.
  • should get into the shoes of the worker to know what his/her thought process exactly.
  • Going along with the way of mentee,not just showing directions
  • A mentor doesn't mean only the boss or team leader in the office,can be your friend ,parent, teacher,relative, and sponsor who support and guide in all the aspects to thrive your career in the right way.
  • Every word speak and active do it impacts on the future of the organization.
  • Manages and screen employee activities to improve not in the perspective of commanding or on the role of authority

Areas it affects the employee

This is all about my opinion and I experienced, though the candidate with high energy levels well enthusiastic in different ideology ,if not properly driven lack of proper mentor definitely like fish in the water with no desired destination and uncertain gaining of knowledge one sad day definitely caught by fisherman ending yourself out of the water and life.

Finally, you are not reaching goals in the given time, demotivated, work pressure frustration feel like leaving the job at the end it impacts your career.

Yes, we gain knowledge with experience and hurdles even without mentor but not quality knowledge. Our insights and proper implementation in the real-time and at the right time always proportional to creating the business, innovative technology all this can happen with the guidance of the mentor.

In the workplace we have different factors, parameters finally our work output speaks to an organization in terms of thriving, revenue generation.

Any organization in this world could be any niche like software development, service, and manufacturing, banking, NGO, gambling and poaching all  work for only money in profit revenue generation.

Now this is era of startups ecosystem and great ideas disruptive innovations yielding abundant money and brand value is great achievement in the flip side lots of startups evaporated though they were strong with ideas all because of lack of right implementation and guidance of mentor, leads to disaster consequence on employer, employee, as well as investor. Business with profits, brand value, market growth one of the reasons they hired great mentor.

Make you all safe

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