Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Does physical fitness improve your personal and work life

We always admire looking at our favourite actors physic on silver screen “shirtless hero coming on chariot 1990’s movies ,2000’s on sports bike” generation changes but perception remains constant and we pretend to be like them,hahaha am I right ?? please don't say “NO” i knew that you what are thinking now.

seokadali - Fitness at our work life

Fine, let us get  into the reality .We cannot predict what would happen to us in future,but at present at least we can regulate and maintain our health and body fitness.What I personally feel is fitness doesn't mean that only having six pack and huge muscle body,It's all about how healthy enough you are and not getting sick often.

We are at fast moving busy life,no time at least what is happening at our surroundings to bother ,right ? Yes, might be I am a little  bit harsh but that's the fact.It is very major to find out what is happening to us,at what health scale we are at ,are we taking proper and healthy  diet, at least providing some fitness to our body,what is our stress levels.

Basic regular tips to balance our work life :

I had spoken to a lot of my friends and colleagues at my workplace. I got very  Interesting  and surprising answers from them .Each Individual shared their own reasons why they don't do regular fitness,to some of them I felt 'ok'  and few just witless reasons,but the most common answer is no 'TIME' because of busy work-life schedules . Yes, we should agree.

Can we manage 'Time' , 'Work-life' , and  'Body Fitness' all at a time? though it is very big deal ,I say 'yes' to it.What I analyzed from most of the answers is they give importance to all except to make ourselves healthy.

Some of them work for 9 hours ,11 hours it depends on .At least can't we consider 45 Mins for our body from 24 hours?

Again I am saying having huge muscular body is not mandatory .Please justify your body to clothes that you wear are fit enough.Some of them would be lean ,heavyweight ,that would be because of hereditary problems ,though stop blaming completely your parents and ancestors ,Just question yourself at what level you are keeping the efforts to maintain your body.

1 ) Schedule your timings to do regular body fitness at least for 45 mins .That would be simple walking or jogging when we can not afford for gym

2) Please make sure what you are eating regularly ,I suggest stop eating fat producing food body.Do not eat heavy in the nights.

3) Try to have at least 3 liters of water in a day at your workplace you can manage this ,but not after 6 PM , the glass of lemon juice before going to the office,all these are fat burners and low cost.

4) Sleep at least  7 hours per day ,that makes you active in the morning and glow at face.

5) The Internet is the place where you can know everything about how to keep healthy and fit.Please start reading authorized articles and blogs.

Just this simple tips make your work-life easy at least ,out from stress,you don't feel insecure. Please mention in the comments if you have any others tips to suggest.

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